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Lee Scott of Walmart
February 12, 2009

The first of many horribly written blogs, that are me speaking my mind.

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Mister H. Lee Scott former CEO of Wal-Mart International and his fellow chairmen deserve to be beaten by his many underpaid, unappreciated, undervalued Wal-Mart associates, and hard working American factory workers out of a job.  Lee Scott was making more than $11,000 an hour, that’s more than most of his hourly workers make in a year.  The policies and the pay that him and his cronies on the board have implemented are creating leaches off of the government welfare system.  He has help create a system that has helped cause the downfall of the American working class.  He and his people have helped move hundreds of thousands of jobs over seas for cheap labor and usually violate labor laws.  He has not only sold out his workers, he has sold out this country.  For these reasons and many more, we should beat him, then take all his money, and give it to all those in need.